So You Think You Can Drink (Less)? You Can!


What if...

  • What if you could change your drinking without paying thousands of dollars in treatment costs?!
  • What if you could pick your own drinking goal, and it didn't have to be abstinence--unless you wanted it to?!
  • What if you could work towards moderation?  (Hint: you can!)
  • What if you could change your drinking by addressing it on your own time, in the privacy of your home, with the help of a professional?
Change Your Drinking, Change Your Life!


  • sleeping better through the night and waking up rested
  • getting your exercise done in the morning because you don't feel hungover
  • being more productive at work because you feel clear-headed
  • no more arguments with your partner about your drinking
  • having a drink or two and then being able to STOP!
  • paying for a family vacation, buying a new car, or having a down payment for a home, instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars in treatment costs!


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Problematic Drinking Can Hurt

You already know this though.  Problematic drinking can hurt:

  • your relationships
  • your work
  • your health
  • your finances

Traditional Treatment Can also Hurt

Just because you have a problem with alcohol doesn't mean that treatment should be painful or shaming.  Traditional treatment can hurt:

  • your work, family, time, and money
  • you can't afford to take 28 days off of work or risk losing your job to learn how to stop drinking
  • you don't want to leave your partner and kids for a month.
  • you don't want to use all of your paid time off for treatment
  • you don't want your boss, colleagues, or clients to know you have a problem with alcohol
  • you know the rates of failure for traditional treatment and you don't want to gamble tens of thousands of dollars, hoping that you are one of the few who remain sober
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My Name is Amber Holt  

I'm a licensed clinicial social worker and a master addiction counselor.  Over the past 20 years, I have helped hundreds of people struggling with addiction and mental health challenges.  

I have seen first hand the harms that come from substance misuse, in clients as well as in family members.  I've learned that people don't fit into one-size-fits-all boxes.  

I'm here to offer you an alternative to traditional addiction treatment.

In This Course, You Will Get 6 Weeks of Content 

Each week will include lessons and homework.  Some weeks will be heavier with lessons and other weeks will be heavier with homework.  Here are examples of what the weeks will look like.

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Week 1: How to be Realistic About Your Drinking Goal and Why It Matters

How to really figure out what your drinking goal is, and WHY, so that you can actually be successful with your goal!

Lesson 1.1 Goals and Why They Matter

Lesson 1.2 Cost Benefit Analysis

Lesson 1.3 What is Your Why?


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Week 2: Safety First, Because You Matter!

How to safely decrease your drinking so that you aren't in pain and discomfort.

Lesson 2.1 Safety Matters

Lesson 2.2 Your Safety: What is Safe and Not Safe About Your Drinking Now?

Lesson 2.3 What Do "They" Say is Safe?

Lesson 2.4 Safety and Medications

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Week 3: Don't Change Yet!  Say What?!

How the change process works, so that you can see where you are in the process, and so you can see your own progress!

Lesson 3.1 Stages of Change

Lesson 3.2 Basics of CBT

Lesson 3.3 Tracking


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Week 4: Observations and Mindful Drinking

What mindful drinking is and how to do it.

Lesson 4.1 Observations of Tracking

Lesson 4.2 Mindful Drinking

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Week 5: Drinking Differently

Lesson 5.1 Drinking Differently Toolbox

Lesson 5.2 Supporting Strategies and Baby Goal Adjustments

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Week 6: You Got This!

How to set longer term goals so that you can stay on track and continue to succeed!

Lesson 6.1 Baby Goals Into Longer Term Goals

Lesson 6.2 How To Talk With Others About Your Changes

Lesson 6.3 What If I Mess Up Or Go Backwards?


Are You Next?

I have helped hundreds of people over the last 20 years change their relationship with substance use. Are you next?

Course Investment



  • 6 weeks of content
  • Lessons released weekly
  • Short lessons (10 minutes or less) that you can do on your own time, in the privacy of your home
  • Personal support from me via email throughout the course
  • 3 LIVE office hour video sessions--ask me anything you want, get personal guidance, peer support, and TONS of encouragement as you create your own unique path towards your goals
  • Access to all course materials for 1 year

I want this class to be available to anyone who would like to drink less, drink safer, or stop drinking.

If you cannot afford the class, please send me an email and let me know what might work for you.

Email me at : [email protected]

You deserve this! 



  • One individual coaching session with me (value $175)
  • Downloadable mindfulness meditation called "Mindful Drinking" (value $27)
  • Downloadable guided imagery meditation to help you manage cravings (value $27)
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"I am so absolutely grateful for this class. For years I have been feeling so isolated in the thought that if I didn’t want to join AA or another abstinence-based curriculum, I wouldn’t be able to access help and guidance. Finding this course on IG through a friend that shared your harm reduction images was a such an incredible coincidence. I feel like I can finally talk openly about why I drink, how I drink, and how I can improve safety while drinking. I never thought it was possible to get guidance on this, surrounded by only the sober or not dichotomy growing up. This revelation has been profoundly beneficial to me and I'm super thankful for your support, teachings, and hard work." 

--Student, 2020


"If anyone is on the fence about taking this class, the only thing I would say is "Take it!""

--Student, 2020


3 months post class: "I wanted to let you know how good I am doing.  I am still tracking daily.  This is my second week of not drinking Sunday through Thursday!!!!"

--Student, 2021

What Do You Have To Lose?

Actually, you have nothing to lose at all. I am offering you a 14-day money back guarantee (100% of your money back, no questions asked).

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I'm ready to change my drinking!
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